B and H Family

The B & H Family

Growing quality flowers is more than the right bulbs, plants and technology. Growing is a feeling for the flowers. You can’t get it from a book or from a school. It’s in your fingers…it’s in your blood.”  —Hans Brafamilynd

B and H Flowers is family owned and operated with five generations of farming traditions rooted in Holland.  In 1985 the Brand family moved to the United States and in 1986 started B&H Flowers in Nipomo, California.  The Company grew quickly and in 1987, to meet increasing demands, we relocated to Carpinteria, California.

B and H immediately began upgrading structures and refining growing and handling processes to run an efficient operation that was partnered with Nature…pioneering the foundation for sustainable growing. 

The 1990’s were spent upgrading the greenhouses; key changes included converting to hydroponics and building computerized glass greenhouses to utilize the most natural light possible. Even today, there is no artificial lighting.  Environmental Integrated Pest Management practices were also introduced during this time.

Over the years, B and H Flowers has changed locations, varied the crops, and modified growing methods.  But from day one, producing the best quality in the most environmentally responsible manner has always been the number one priority. Resulting in being awarded the prestigious and nationally recognized Santa Barbara Green Award in 2007!

As always, B and H flowers is: Sustainably Grown… For a Beautiful World!

“When I was a child in Holland, my earliest memories are walking in the family fields with my great-grandfather. He was always looking for the right combination of nature and technology to grow the best plants and flowers. He taught me that everything we grew represented our family, not just the select best. He taught me the importance of consistency.”  —Jan Brand

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